Rental Equipment
PyroMate Digital FM-45QC
90 Stainles Steel Quick Clip Terminals per module allow for 45 cues
* About 10 e-matches in series per cue depending on lead length and brand
* Each module has two XLR connectors which allow you to have multiple modules
on the same wiring branch. Each module is still independently addressablee

PyroMate Power / Signal Booster Packs
Adds additional power out in the field for larger shows with unlimited cable runs
* Boosts Line Voltage and RS485 Communications
* Allows use of Cat 3, 5 or 2 wire for unlimited length run.
*Self-contained rechargeable battery power system with 7.5 AMP, 24 Volt lead
acid rechargeable gel cells
* Keyed power switch with LED indicator

PyroMate P45-AF
Download Scripts of up to 3500 cues on three different memory tables
* Fire in Manual, Trigger step, or Automated Time Fire, And FSK Time Code
* Script Playback
*Smart Module Status Automatically checks Continuity of stored Script
* Uses Finale Fireworks Software for scripting and downloads

HPDE Consumer Mortar Racks
* 5 and 10 Shot Configurations
* DR15 and DR17 Available

A BATF Type 54 Permit is required for Firing System Rentals
(Call for Rental Pricing)
PyroMate Power FSK Wireless Timecode Receiver
5 Mile Range
* Allows Unlimited Systems to sync the show to music with embedded timecode
* Timecode enters via Wireless Transmission
* Connects directly to Firing Panel

Fiberglass 1.3g Mortar Racks
* 3" - 8" Mortars
* 5 - 10 Shot Racks available

Cable and Distribution System
* 1000' 24ga Cat 5 Cable with M/F XLR Connectors

Firing Systems
Audio Systems
Safety Equipment